Digital Security
Without Compromise.
Protect what you've achieved and secure the future you're about to create.
Getting started with your new AXIATel device is easy.
The NEOS X2 encrypted smartphone is a secure solution for digital wallets, crypto software, blockchain access and personal finance.
Your AXIATel NEOS X2 encrypted smartphone requires an AXIATel SIM Card, to take advantage of AXIATel coverage plans. You can also use your own SIM card, or both. NEOS X2 encrypted smartphones are always unlocked, putting you in control.

Let’s get started!
NEOS X2 allows you to control permission levels on your phone, by giving you the choice to use any existing 3rd party app, downloaded anonymously through Aurora OSS.
AXIATel Secure OS does contain any backdoors to pull information from. You’re completely private.
AXIATel hardware is free of centralized big tech (Google, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, etc.), meaning you do not share any information to sources outside your phone.
NEOS X2 keeps you free from corporate data poaching
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All AXIATel is designed as privacy-centric hardware, and is ad-free.
AXIATel Secure OS is void of bloatware, used for tracking, and does not share, collect, or sell information about your behavior (your location, apps you use, activity patterns, etc.). 
AXIATel NEOS X2 | Security Without Compromise
The fully encrypted AXIATel NEOS X2 puts you in control by protecting your digital assets and privacy.
The AXIATel NEOS X2 Encrypted Smartphone protects your digital assets.
AXIATel has partnered with the AXIA Network to bring integrated applications directly to our hardware devices, which include a dedicated and secure messaging platform, browser, VPN, and many more. Visit for more.
Military-Grade Integration
AXIATel secures every level of your mobile experience, preventing security gaps by vertically integrating the hardware, custom operating system, application layer, and cellular service.
Trusted Updates
Pre-loaded with Decentralized Apps for your convenience, or choose your favorite apps from Aurora OSS. AXIATel only applies updates after verifying authenticity.
Secure OS
Secure OS
Custom designed, independent operating system which keeps your information and digital assets secure, while offering full anonymity.
Embrace Web 3.0
Embrace Web 3.0
Block services like Facebook, Google, and Tik Tok from accessing your private data, while easily replacing them with your favorite Decentralized Apps.
Reliable Connectivity
Reliable Connectivity
AXIATel keeps you covered with connections to the strongest 4G/5G networks, no matter where you work or travel.
AXIATel Encrypted Smartphone Details
General Info
Data Transmission
The AXIATel NEOS X2 encrypted smartphones standard accessories keep you secure and connected.
  • Universal Charging Port
    Connect your USB Type C charge cord to the standard AXIATel charge port, compatible in North America, Europe and around the world.
  • AXIATel Privacy Screen
    All phones come equipped with the privacy screen; serving as a screen protector while also protecting it from being viewed by others.
  • Protective Phone Case
    A standard inclusion in every AXIATel purchase, the AXIATel Smartphone case protects your hardware from drops & nicks.
Proprietary Apps for Extra Security
AXIATel Axphone
AXphone is a softphone feature for your NEOS X2, allowing you to make and receive secure calls over Wi-Fi, while taking advantage of a free, US-based area code and phone number, provided by AXIATel.
NEOS Private Vault (NPV)
AXIATel's NEOS Private Vault (NPV) is an encrypted file storage service, allowing users to store rich file formats, messages and save data as encrypted notes. With NPV your personal data is guaranteed to be safe even if your phone is lost, stolen, or compromised.
NEOS Private Messenger (NPM)
AXIATel's NEOS Private Messenger (NPM) guarantees users maximum security for your communications needs. NPM is a unique peer-to-peer,  communication platform supporting the highest level of encrypted transmission giving users control over their messages' duration of exposure. No private data passes through or is ever stored on any servers.
Hotspot Securely
AX-Fi mobile hotspot provides a decentralized Wi-Fi signal you can take with you anywhere
  • Optimized for Portability
  • Reliable internet access, right in your pocket
  • Stay connected with remote network switching, in real time
  • Automatically connect to the most secure and stable networks, 24/7
  • Connection for up to 5 devices, within 10M / 30ft
  • This computer mouse-sized device provides revolutionary Wi-Fi coverage, anywhere you take it within 60 seconds
Connect up to 10 Devices
AX-Fi hotspot allows users to access their own network anywhere in the world, with the ability to provide Wi-Fi coverage for up to 10 devices, within a 10M or 30ft range.
Wi-Fi Freedom
AX-Fi comes with a complimentary 3GB of global data, afterwhich top ups to your AX-Fi are available.

Wifi freedom
Global coverage that can be activated anywhere at any time.
AXIATel's eSIM offers an anonymous, instant 5G data connection on almost any device. With eSIM, your personal data is guaranteed to be safe even if your phone is lost, stolen, or compromised.
Easy-to-Use Technology
eSIM (Embedded Subscriber Identity Module), is a virtual SIM card, which allows AXIATel users to access data networks anywhere AXIATel provides coverage. No need to acquire and insert a SIM card into their device, you simply need to scan a QR code and you’re instantly connected.
Access the Internet, Anywhere
AXIATel eSIM technology will revolutionize wireless service with instant access for users around the world. Compared to other Internet Service Providers (ISP), AXIATel eSIM solutions are provided to customers via AXIATel’s global multi-connection Mess Network, where connections are randomly switched between multiple frequency/signal sources. This switching allows for better data quality, and most importantly, free access to applications and the internet.
5G Network Infrastructure Expansion
Powered by a global mesh network, AXIATel has the resources and scalability to expand on existing network infrastructure, powering the signal strength and NEOS line even further.
AXIATel continues to scope for future-state network requirements providing services to institutional clients on ongoing financial, geographic and partnership exploration.
For institutional sales inquiries, or partnership
exploration, please contact:
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